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If desired, you can make your reservation online for Guided Tours/Activities that the Educational Services of the Palace of the Dukes provides.  As such, you should fill in the following form, which fields are compulsory.

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The Palace of the Dukes of Bragança in Guimarães provides the media with updated information about the events that integrate its program of activities.

This section’s documents, as well as the high resolution images available to be downloaded, should be used exclusively for journalistic purposes.  Please always mention:

    Ducal Palace of the Bragança
    DRCN / Secretário de Estado da Cultura

Should you be a journalist or cooperate with a means of communication, we would appreciate it that you send us a copy of your publication to the address indicated below.

For further information:

Ducal Palace of the Bragança
Rua Conde D. Henrique
4810-245 Guimarães
Telephone (+351) 253 412 273

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