Opening Hours

Ducal Palace of the Bragança, Guimarães Castle and Church of S. Miguel:
Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Last admission: 5:30 PM
Closes on the following national holidays:
January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1 and December 25

Tickets and Prices

Ducal Palace
Normal fee: 5,00€

Guimarães Castle
Normal fee: 2,00€

Free entrances
    First Sunday of each month
    Children up to 12 years old
    ICOM / ICOMOS / APOM Members
    EU unemployed citizens (document must be presented)

Discount of 50% (IDs must be presented)
    Senior citizens over 65 years old
    People with an European Youth Card
    Family groups of 4 or more

Other Information

By Highway:
A3 (Porto), exiting at Famalicão or Santo Tirso A7 until Guimarães (see map).
A28, A7
By national road:
Other information: at the Tourism offices of the Municipality of Guimarães, in the Praça de Santiago tel. 253 518 750 or Alameda tel. 253 412 420.
Parking: in rua Conde D. Henrique / parking lot at Largo da Mumadona / Campo de S. Mamede (free parking).

Visitation norms and entry restrictions

Entry restrictions:
1.    The entry into the Ducal Palace is prohibited to visitors accompanied by animals with the exception of guide dogs for the blind, duly kept on the leash, and accompanying visually impaired citizens.
2.    The visitor may be required to deposit objects at the reception of the Ducal Palace that, due to their nature or size, may eventually be prejudicial to the safety and the conservation of the estate and the facilities, or yet constitute a bother to other visitors.
3.    The Ducal Palace may refuse entry to visitors accompanied by objects that, due to their value or nature, may not be safely stored in the facilities that the Palace disposes for that purpose, or that may in some way disturb the peace.
4.    Should the visitor intend to keep objects that repute of high value at the reception, they should be declared and identified by the visitor;
5.    The liability of the Ducal Palace – Mount Latito for the guardianship of objects of a high value implies the respective statement and identification by the visitor;
6.    The reception’s staff may refuse to keep the visitor’s personal effects, should it be noted that they cannot be safely kept in the reception area;
7.    The Palace may close or restrict entry for other reasons, such as:
7.1. When the safety of the estate or the people, visitors or employees is at risk;
7.2. In cases where areas are granted that imply closing the Palace;
7.3. At certain official events, such as the presence of His Excellency the President of the Republic or of members of the Government, if their safety so requires;
7.4. For other reasons considered relevant by the Palace’s management.

Other restrictions:
1.    At the facilities of the Ducal Palace, Castle and the Church of S. Miguel, besides the restrictions at the entrance stated in article 16 of this regulation, the visitors are also subject to the following restrictions, whereby they may not:
1.1. Smoke;
1.2. Touch the exhibit objects;
1.3. Photograph with flash or tripod;
1.4. Film;
1.5. Eat or drink;
1.6. Use mobile phones;
1.7. Run or jump;
1.8. Have any type of behaviour that may disturb or place at risk the physical integrity of other visitors or employees;
1.9. Have any type of behaviour that may endanger the integrity of the monuments or respective belongings, be they the museum’s or not.
2.    School Groups are also subject to specific rules that are yield by the Educational Service.