The José de Guimarães Museum Room was created from a significant artistic sample offered to the town of Guimarães on guard of the local Town Hall, by one of the Portuguese greatest contemporary painters, José de Guimarães.

Considering their artistic and pedagogical interest, the author wished that this set of objects meant the first step for the foundation of a future Contemporary Art Centre (the Plataforma das Artes which opened to public in 2012) which is especially aimed for the promotion of its study, its diffusion through art exhibitions, installations, symposiums and conferences and the foundation of a specialized contemporary art and artists library; and that also gathers the authors' African Culture collection, not only because we live an historical moment which tends to rediscover and give importance to the dichotomy "North-South", but also because this art influences the great majority of the European modernity.

This collection is in exhibition at the Ducal Palace of the Braganca, in Guimarães, since 1993.