The House of Bragança originated with the marriage of Afonso - illegitimate son of João I and Inês Pires Esteves - with Beatriz Pereira - daughter of Nuno Álvares Pereira, the Kingdom’s Constable during the reign of the Master of Avis.

 D. Fernando I (1403-1478)  
2nd Duke of Bragança, succeeded Afonso, standing out for his active participation in the various military campaigns in North Africa.  He married Joana de Castro. 

D. Fernando II

Wed Leonor de Meneses and, later, Isabel. His political activity was somewhat agitated, conspiring with Castilla against the Portuguese crown. He was executed in Évora, in 1483, and his assets confiscated, by order of John II. With Manuel I, the House of Bragança is rehabilitated and its members, exiled in Castilla, return to the kingdom


D. Jaime
  Supposed heir to the crown, had great successes in African territories.  His first wife was Leonor de Mendonça and he later married Joana de Mendonça.

D. Teodósio I (?-1563)
  Contracted marriage with Isabel of Lancaster and then with Beatriz of Lancaster.

D. João
  Married his cousin co-sister Catherine, profiling himself as suitor to the Portuguese crown, due to the death of Sebastian and the short reign of Cardinal Henry.  However, his involvement with Philip II of Spain distanced him from said aspiration..

D. Teodósio II
  7th duke of Bragança, saw the battle of Alcácer-Quibir when he was only ten years old, where he became a prisoner, in 1578.  He wed Ana de Velasco y Girón, with whom he had four children.  His firstborn son, John II, inherited the Dukedom of Bragança and was crowned king of Portugal, with the name of John IV, following the palace coup of 1640.