Afonso, 8th Count of Barcelos
and 1st Duke of Bragança
  Afonso, an illegitimate son of King João I and of Inês Pires Esteves, was probably born in 1380, at the Castle of Veiros.  In 1401, he married Beatriz Pereira, with whom he had three children.  After being widowed, he married Constança of Noronha, with whom he had no children, and it was at this time that he ordered his new Palace to be built in Guimarães.
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Constança of Noronha (1404-1480)

  Constança of Noronha - daughter of Afonso, Count Gijón and Noronha and of Isabel, Lady of Viseu - contracted marriage in July 1420 with Afonso, Count of Barcelos and future Duke of Bragança, whereby she came to inhabit the Ducal Palace in Guimarães, a few years later.
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D. João I (1357-1433)
  João I - an illegitimate son of Pedro I and of Teresa Lourenço, a Galician aristocrat - was the tenth king of Portugal, the first king of the 2nd dynasty, and the founder of the dynasty of Avis.  He was the father of Afonso, Duke of Bragança and married Philippa of Lancaster, a member of the English Royal House.
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