(Século X)
  In her time, the Countess Mumadona Dias was the richest and most powerful dame of the Peninsular Northwest.  She was the daughter of the Counts Diogo Fernandes and Onega, wife to Count Hermenegildo Gonçalves (son of the Counts Gonçalo and Teresa, founders of the Monastery of Carvoeiro in Galicia) with whom she had six children: Gonçalo Mendes, Diogo Mendes, Ramiro Mendes (deacon), Onega Mendes, Nuno Mendes and Árias or Ariano Mendes.  Mumadona Dias was the founder of Guimarães as she ordered built the Monastery in honour of Santa Maria and a Castle in Guimarães.
Count Henry
[(1057 – 1066) – 1112]
  Count Henrique, the Burgundian, father of Afonso Henriques (first king of Portugal) was the fourth son of Duke Henrique of Burgundy, grandson of Robert I, Duke of Lower Burgundy, and great grandson of Robert I, king of France.
Teresa of León
  Daughter of Afonso VI, King of Castilla y Léon and of Ximena Nunes.  Little is known of her youth, for references to the Princess only arise at the time of her marriage to Count Henrique of Burgundy, a French nobleman.
Afonso Henriques
[(1109 - 1111) -1185]
  Afonso I, better known as Afonso Henriques, was the first King of Portugal.  He conquered the Independence of the Portuguese County from the Kingdom of Castilla y Léon in 1143 with the Treaty of Zamora. Later on he obtained the Manifestis Probatum Bull from the hands of Pope Alexander III (1179) and was a main driver of the Christian Reconquest.